Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Annapolis

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*0 STAR RATING Walked in to inquire if they cut women’s hair and had an availability. As I opened the door the two women behind the desk gave me an awkward stare, I smiled and said hello and they continued to stare at me awkwardly and one of them said “what do you need?” in a very rude non-inviting kind of way. There was no appropriate greeting, there was no hello how are you may I help you. I experienced horrible customer service. When I pointed out the poor customer service that I received, the woman felt the need to go back-and-forth with me to justify the reason she did not greet me properly as if it was exceptable. I asked for the managers number and to my surprise the women who asked me what I needed said she was the manager. If this is how this company thinks a business should be ran I would not promote anyone to go there. I feel as though whoever put her in charge has poor judgment of character and does not value manners, good customer service, or friendliness for that matter. If you walk into a restaurant and the hostess asked you “what do you need” without a warm greeting wouldn’t you be puzzled and turned off? If you’re walking into a restaurant obviously you want to be seated so that you can eat or place an order. I walked into a hair Cuttery wanting to inquire about a haircut, but instead of being greeted properly and welcomed I was treated very poorly. *THINK TWICE BEFORE TRYING THIS PLACE, THEY ARE VERY RUDE. Also a sidenote for the GM, I could have been inquiring for haircuts for my husband or my son’s so you just lost business due to poor employees selection.

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